Implementation of Popular Business Solutions with CICS Tools

An IBM Redpaper publication

Published 25 January 2012

Authors: Chris Rayns, Eric Higgins, Peter Siddell


IBM® CICS® Transaction Server (TS) is the IBM general-purpose transaction processing software for IBM z/OS® meeting the transaction-processing needs of both large and small enterprises. It builds on z/OS and IBM System z® facilities to provide high availability and scalability at a low cost per transaction. It also supports large transaction volumes with a fast and consistent response time.

Many organizations are running applications that are 10, 20, or more years old. These applications still provide the robust levels of service expected from CICS applications, but some might not meet the requirements of today's modern application paradigm. Today, applications allow for easy scalability and provide high availability. They have built-in redundancy, using various communication interfaces ranging from terminals and web browsers to web services and ATOM feeds.

The good news is that these well-proven applications do not have to be scrapped in favor of replacing them with entirely new applications. Instead, by taking advantage of newer features of z/OS and CICS TS, these applications are able to participate in the modern application environment.

IBM CICSPlex® System Manager (CICSPlex SM) provides for flexible management of the CICS infrastructure. You can add or remove additional CICS regions dynamically based on workload changes. With Business Events and System Events, you can emit data from your CICS applications without modifying application code. You can use the emitted event data as input to dashboards that track your business activities. Such tracking allows you to make real-time decisions to improve your business.

So what is the best way for your organization to use these newer CICS features? In today's environment of shrinking budgets and increasing work demands, it is more difficult to change your applications. IBM has tools that make this process simpler and faster, while reducing the risk associated with change.

This IBM Redpaper™ publication presents several scenarios involving a sample general-purpose application to demonstrate various ways to modernize a traditional CICS application using CICS tools. It should be of interest to various parties in your organization, including managers, architects, application developers, system administrators, and performance specialists.

Table of contents

Understanding the GENAPP application
Building the cicsplex infrastructure
Resource definition management
Moving VSAM data to DB2
Performance considerations
The team who wrote this paper
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