Installing and Customizing Lotus eSuite WorkPlace 1.5 for IBM Network Stations

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This IBM Redbooks publication is a short introduction to the Lotus eSuite WorkPlace 1.5 product, which can be installed on a Network Station Manager 3.1 Server to be used by IBM Network Station users.

It illustrates the process of installing the eSuite WorkPlace 1.5 product on a Windows NT server, but also the process of configuring and customizing eSuite, which is applicable to any platform. It also provides a very brief introduction to the different applications available with the eSuite WorkPlace and how to do basic problem determination.

This book is not meant as an in-depth document that replaces the product documentation but rather as a brief illustrated implementation guide and tutorial that supplements the existing documentation. Its main objective is to help the reader understand the elements of the eSuite WorkPlace that may need some customization by providing explanations and insights into the each customization task and also help the reader to perform these customization steps by providing illustrated examples of common customization tasks.

The instructions applicable to the previous release of eSuite WorkPlace (Release 1.0 and NSM 3.0) have also been included for the sake of completeness and for users that might still require to use that particular version until they migrate to Release 1.5.

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08 February 1999

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