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Simplify Management of IT Security and Compliance with IBM PowerSC in Cloud and Virtualized Environments
Power Systems

Draft Redbooks, last updated 16 Jul 2019

This IBM Redbooks publication provides a security and compliance solution that is optimized for virtualized environments on IBM Power Systems servers, running IBM PowerVM and IBM AIX. Security control and compliance are some of the key components that are needed to defend the virtualized data center and cloud infrastructure against ever evolving new threats. The IBM business-driven approach to enterprise security used in conjunction with solutions such as PowerSC makes IBM the premier security vendor in the market today. The book explores, tests, and documents scenarios using IBM PowerSC ... [more]

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IBM Cloud Object Storage System Product Guide
Software Defined Storage

Redbooks, published 15 Jul 2019

Object storage is the primary storage solution used in the cloud and on-premises solutions as a central storage platform for unstructured data. IBM® Cloud Object Storage (COS) is a software-defined storage platform that breaks down barriers for storing massive amounts of data by optimizing the placement of data on commodity x86 servers across the enterprise. This IBM Redbooks® publication describes the major features, use case scenarios, deployment options, configuration details, initial customization, performance, and scalability considerations of IBM Cloud Object Storage on-premises ... [more]

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IBM Personal Communications and IBM z/OS TTLS Enablement: Technical Enablement Series

Redpaper, published 23 May 2019, last updated 12 Jul 2019

The purpose of this document is to complete the task of introducing Transport Layer Security to z/OS® so IBM Personal Communications (PCOMM) uses TLS security. This document walks you through enabling Tunneled Transport Layer Security (TTLS) on your IBM z/OS for use with a PCOMM TN3270 connection. When you complete this task, you require a certificate to access your TN3270 PCOMM session. You work with the following products and components:

  • TN3270
  • INET (maybe)
This document assumes that the reader has extensive knowledge of ... [more]

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IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud on AWS Implementation Guide
Software Defined Storage

Redpaper, published 10 Jul 2019

IBM® Spectrum Virtualize is a key member of the IBM Spectrum™ Storage portfolio. It is a highly flexible storage solution that enables rapid deployment of block storage services for new and traditional workloads, whether on-premises, off-premises, or a combination of both. The initial release of IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ for Public Cloud is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This IBM Redpaper™ Redbooks publication gives a broad understanding of the IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud on AWS architecture, and provides planning and implementation details of the common use cases ... [more]

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IBM FlashSystem 900 Model AE3 Product Guide
Flash storage

Product Guide, published 4 Apr 2019, last updated 9 Jul 2019

Today’s global organizations depend on the ability to unlock business insights from massive volumes of data. Now, with IBM® FlashSystem 900 Model AE3, they can make faster decisions based on real-time insights. Thus, they unleash the power of demanding applications, including these:

  • Online transaction processing (OLTP) and analytical databases
  • Virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs)
  • Technical computing applications
  • Cloud environments
Easy to deploy and manage, IBM FlashSystem® 900 Model AE3 is designed to accelerate the applications that drive your ... [more]


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